Saturday, April 20, 2019
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All ceramic tile is not created equal,Like everything in life you get what you pay for.When shopping for your tile look for a few things to help you find a quality tile (1 The thickness of the ceramic tile,usually

thicker the better.(2 Psi pounds per square inch ,higher the pounds the better.(ADA Rated ADA Ceramic tile is a non slip tile.(Cheap tile .99 specials should never be installed in a heavy traffic area

If you have to go with cheaper tile place it on the wall , Of your tile job,and never use in a shower.IF you follow these simple steps Ceramic tile will last a life time.For more question on Ceramic tile

please contact us

Over 25 years of installing tile the #1 mistake people make, Is installing the wrong sub-floor,this one thing alone could destroy your whole tile job.And could make a simple

Ceramic tile job costing you thousands of dollors. When installing Ceramic tile ask a professional or use one

The natural way to stop soap scum on tile and shower doors is lemon juice. The acid in lemon juice breaks down the soap scum and will prevent it from appearing. When cleaning your tile add one part lemon juice to your water. It will clean the tile and leave it with a fresh scent. Never use harsh chemicals on stone tile. If you have questions and need answers, call John at Tile Maryland 443-941-8360.



Keeping Grout Clean is one of the top questions we receive here at Tile Maryland.  If your grout was properly sealed during installation then clean-up should be a snap. Lets cover a few tips on cleaning your grout and then discuss what to do if your grout won't come clean or if it has been damaged.

  • Remove any surface materials by first sweeping the area and then using a wet mop (water only).
  • Never, ever, use Chlorox on grout. Colored grout will fade and even white grout which has stood the test of time will show the subtle variation.
  • If you do use a cleaning product make sure the doors and windows are open and a fan is running to get plenty of fresh ventilation flowing through and remember to wear gloves and eye-protection.
  • Use a good commercial product, like Oxyclean, to scrub your grout-lines with a stiff brush
  • Never use wire-brushes
  • Test your grout cleaner on a small hidden area of grout first to make sure that it provides the results you desire.
If your grout is damaged or cracked please contact us for professional service. Keeping your grout maintained will extend the life of your tile installation and reduce the cost associated with future tile work.
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Welcome to Tile Maryland, your tile professionals. We have been in business for 25 years and use quality products and the latest methods to ensure satisfaction with every job we do. There is no job too big or too small. We can give that outdated kitchen or bathroom a much needed remodel. Tile Maryland specializes in in all aspects of installation and can help you through the design process.

Tile Maryland has years of experience in tile installation and repair. We repair and replace pool tile, all types of tile installation, kitchen and bathroom remodeling. If your in need of an installer to install the tile of your choice or a contractor who provides everything from green installation to ADA compliance.

It is important to make sure all tile is installed per manufacturer's specifications and performed by professional tile installers. For over 25 years Tile Maryland has been installing tile in Maryland, Delaware and southern Pennsylvania.

To properly install your tile we follow a concise method including surface preparation, layout, applying adhesive, cutting the tiles, setting the tiles and grouting the joints. When we have completed the tile installation our crew will ensure the area is clean and to your satisfaction.

Whether your tile is porcelain, marble, granite, stone or ceramic tile, our expert installers will do the job right the first time including waterproofing and safing drains, installing bullnose and profiling, floor tile and wall tile.

Tile Maryland focuses on quality products, expert work and premium customer satisfaction and customer service. Our 25 years of years installation experience brings an expertise most tile installers don't have. Trust the experts, give John at Tile Maryland a call at 443-941-8360.





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