Saturday, April 20, 2019
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We specialize in radiant floor tile, shower pans, tile and grout cleaning, grout re-coloring and shower door cleaning. 

Benefits of radiant heat

Toasty toes and money saved are just two benefits of radiant heat under your wood or tile floor. Altruistic ideas can often be impractical. The best reasons to use sustainable materials in a home are to save money or for the pleasure of the occupants. (saving energy is an important side effect.) One feature that checks all three boxes is radiant heating. On cold, rainy days there is nothing that feels better than putting bare feet onto a warm floor heated by a radiant in floor system.

Rather than rely on inefficient forced-air systems which start with cold outside air, and then must expend energy to heat it before moving it inside. Radiant heating uses a warm surface to transfer heat into a space. As we lwrned in physics class, warm air rises, so a heated floor means a heated room.

There are benefits of radiant heatin fo allergy sufferers: the absence of outside air moved in and around a home can reduce allergies.

As for the financial savings, radiant flooring is reported to save 20 to 40 percent in heating bills. Energy saving upgrades to your home are tax deductable.



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