Sunday, February 24, 2019
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Keeping Grout Clean is one of the top questions we receive here at Tile Maryland.  If your grout was properly sealed during installation then clean-up should be a snap. Lets cover a few tips on cleaning your grout and then discuss what to do if your grout won't come clean or if it has been damaged.

  • Remove any surface materials by first sweeping the area and then using a wet mop (water only).
  • Never, ever, use Chlorox on grout. Colored grout will fade and even white grout which has stood the test of time will show the subtle variation.
  • If you do use a cleaning product make sure the doors and windows are open and a fan is running to get plenty of fresh ventilation flowing through and remember to wear gloves and eye-protection.
  • Use a good commercial product, like Oxyclean, to scrub your grout-lines with a stiff brush
  • Never use wire-brushes
  • Test your grout cleaner on a small hidden area of grout first to make sure that it provides the results you desire.
If your grout is damaged or cracked please contact us for professional service. Keeping your grout maintained will extend the life of your tile installation and reduce the cost associated with future tile work.